Twine Brainstorm

I must admit after watching Locke & Key on Netflix a couple weeks ago, I went into my brainstorm with the single idea to have the reader explore a family estate. Mansion, graveyard, library, the different paths would all be physical rooms for the reader to explore. My idea doesn’t rely on a wrong or right path, but would rather expand into different genres. Some rooms would unlock a horror ending and others a fantasy one. The goal for the reader would be to see how many endings they can find.

I’m toying with the idea of having a key hidden in one of the rooms which the reader would need to pick up in order to find a secret ending (one harder to find because it needs the reader to get to a particular room in a certain order). But with the many paths that I am coming up with I don’t know how much time I’ll have to dive into CSS.

The plot of the story itself is simply story of the reader’s mom inheriting the family estate from the reader’s grandfather. As they move in, the reader gets to pick their room (which influences the story) and decide in what order they’ll explore the others room of the house or the outside of the property. The mom is a character in some of the endings, but mostly she’s passive. I don’t plan to have any dialogue. I want to create more of an atmosphere in each room rather than base the story on dialogue or moral choices.

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