The Hunt for the Gay Planet

I am the love that dare not squeak its name.

The Hunt for the Gay Planet by Anna Anthropy is a response to a Star Wars video game extension that was released in 2013. The DLC allowed for same-sex romance, but only on one planet. Anthropy’s hypertext is a satire of this decision. The reader searches in the most ridiculous of manners (such a looking under rock) for the planet Lesbionica in hopes of being allowed to love as she was born to. The mechanics of the game/hypertext helped highlight the humour in the quest and plant the seed for the position it would take on queer representation.

The true criticism of the piece is made clear in the final scenes of the hypertext. On top of the ridicule quest of having to find a single planet accepting of homosexual relationships, the planet in question is not free. It is an exile confiding the LGBT community to a place out of sight where they won’t be seen. This is an obvious parallel to the question of queer representation in media.

Even though this hypertext was a response to a DLC released in 2013, I could not help but think of the Rise of Skywalker controversy about their decision to have a one-second background lesbian kiss and claim it as representation. It seems Disney and the Star Wars franchise persist in their mediocre queer representation relinquishing them to the dark corners of the galaxie.

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