Social Media Project Update

For anyone not aware of my project, I was planning an Instagram with origami dragons placed around IUP to liven the campus with ephemeral dragon displays people could seek out. I say “I was planning” because I left for Spring Break with only three pictures up and now no one’s coming back to campus. My own situation is complicated right now as I’m going back to Canada and won’t even be taking my classes from the same country as everyone else. I’ve considered making the dragons catch the virus or have to quarantine, but I personally don’t even find virus jokes funny anymore. Any reminder of the virus and its repercussions is just stressful right now. Maybe the dragons can migrate to Canada? I haven’t decided yet.

I had a brief success before leaving for spring break. Someone found one of my dragons and DMed the page, so I got to tell them they could keep the dragon. It definitely intrigued them enough to look up the page. I also had someone trying to guess where the dragons were. Although these are the kind of interactions I wanted people to have with the account, I will have to rethink what’s the goal now that people are off-campus… and now that I’ll be back in Canada next week 😟.

The three pictures up right now:

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  1. I love this! I think it’s such a fun idea. I think that having the dragons migrate to Canada is a good idea. People need a break from the virus. A migration of cute little dragons to Canada would be a nice distraction. I really like your project so far, and I’m excited to see more of it!

  2. I think if you can get folks to set them out in Canada, that would be cool. But also, we can try to distribute these back here at IUP if you want.

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