Social Media Project Idea


I want to brighten the campus and make people interested in seeing it in a new light with a series of origami dragons placed around campus. Every post would include one or man dragons placed in somewhat recognizable places. Students could try to find the ephemeral art display before they disappear, or just reimagine the campus. My project would act as an incentive to keep an eye open for beauty in otherwise repetitive and ordinary locations. The dragons would reinvent the campus for a brief moment.


Instagram is, for me, the obvious choice. It offers the sharing of pictures which is the best medium to share my project with. The story feature could also be useful to mirror the temporary side of the project and parallel the “live” approach. Instagram is also a platform of enhanced reality which aligns with my vision of reinventing everyday locations on campus.


This project will require me to go out on campus every day to place and take pictures of the dragons. The project has to unfold in real-time for the viewers to become interested in taking part and seeking out the art while it’s still on display. To promote the Instagram page I would leave the handle written on the dragons for people who find them. The dragons would run the account as a persona, I would not reveal on the page who is behind the project as it would detract from the interaction between viewer and dragons.


Students could follow the Instagram account to keep track of the project and where the dragons are. I would leave every dragon to its own device after the pictures are posted. I could use the story feature as a compilation of all the past dragons in one location as opposed to having to scroll through every post.

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