Final Project Proposal

Hearing the feedback from my peers on Tuesday, I have decided to work on a sequel to my artists book project. This one would be following the emo/scene phase of Darla’s teens. I’d like to work on a slightly different medium for this one to really hammer home the changes in Darla’s state of mind and intentions. I have a few canvases in my house that I could cut up to use as my pages. The change from a diary to something more open to others would parallel nicely the change from a girl wanting to pour her soul into something to a teen raging at the world and wanting them to know how misunderstood they feel.

As for the content, it would the expected angsty poetry, reflections and occasional song lyrics from those 2000s emo bands. I’m still thinking over the visual aspect of it and what I’d like the pages to look like. One thing’s sure, I want them to remain creative because I like the idea that Darla’s very creative but just hasn’t found how she wants to channel that creative energy yet. If anyone has suggestions on what they used to doodle/draw/paint in their angsty year I’d appreciate it, I was more of a writer at that time, haha.

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  1. I like the idea of a sequel, and the shift to a different medium / visual format makes sense. I can’t give you content suggestions myself – but I’ll be interested to see what you decide.

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