Broadside idea.

Inspired by Eugene Gomringer’s Snow, which uses the repetition of “snow is _” as a way of rethinking what snow is, I set out to find a word or thing that I would like to explore in-depth on my broadside. After a discussion with Dr. Sherwood, it hit me that I should try and do something that includes French. This way the HSS would now include a piece of home and could maybe even educate people on what French can be outside of France. So I set out to represent what French is to me.

Visually I’d like to have Québec’s flag as the backdrop for my broadside as a reminder that the French addressed in the piece is the one from my home. It might also draw attention since it is not a widely known flag, and it probably isn’t the first flag that comes to mind for most when thinking of French. I have yet to decide if it should integrate the flag as a photograph or a simple graphic.

I know I want the text to be separated into two columns and for the font to be very simple. Perhaps the adjectives after the “French is/Le français est” should be in italics, perhaps that will be distracting or won’t make for an aesthetically pleasing repetition of pattern with the words, experiments will be in order.

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