A Canadian girl livin' it up in the US!


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Spring 2020 Projects

  • Project 01 - Visual Broadside link
  • Project 02 - Hypertext Twine link
  • Project 03 - Social Net Art link
  • Project 04 - Audio Podcast link
  • Project 05 - Artists Book link
  • Final Project link

A little about myself

Noémie. 21. I'm from Montréal, Canada. Currently spending the semester at IUP in Pennsylvania. 

I'm an English major undergrad. The dream would be to work as a researcher on a show like Patriot Act or Last Week Tonight.

You might catch me talking about politics and news, or less serious stuff like the latest superhero movie I saw.

This website was created by Noémie in conjunction with English 420 at IUP. Opinion's expressed are the author's own.